[mythtv-users] FW: Video Card Recommends?

Mitch Gore mitchell.gore at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 21:04:52 UTC 2008

On Jan 10, 2008 2:58 PM, Neil Trotter <neil at nook.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> I'm (finally) about to start building my MythTV box, and have only to
> settle on a choice of Video Card before I order the final parts and sit
> doown with a screwdriver.
> The components I already have on my bench:
> Motherboard: Abit IP35 (no on-board video, or would have tried this
> first)
> CPU: E6850
> RAM: 2GB
> PSU: Akasa 650W (Quiet)
> TV Cards: Skystar DVB-S (x2) -- as recommended by this list :-)
> HDD: Samsung 500GB (x2)
> DVD-RW: Samsung dual layer
> Also still to order:
> Case: Silverstone LaScala LC20B-M
>   + some slow/quiet fans
> My current TV set is a widescreen PAL (1152x768(?)), with s-video input,
> but at some point this will be replaced with an HD set, so I want that
> capability for when the time comes.
> For subjective reasons (as well it seems as better support in MythTV) I
> prefer to go nVidia. I have read on this list and elsewhere that there
> is little point in GeForce 8 (or 9, presumably, when it appears), and
> better to stick with 7. For reasons of noise-reduction and reliability,
> I prefer a fanless model. And while price and performance are both
> factors, the key issue for me is MythTV operability.
> So taking into account the component list above, which nVidia graphics
> card would you choose, and what would be the advantages of doing so?
> Thanks for any replies -- I look forward to some interesting reading :-)
> --Neil.
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nvidia 5200 or 6200 are the most popular by far.

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