[mythtv-users] FW: Video Card Recommends?

Neil Trotter neil at nook.demon.co.uk
Thu Jan 10 20:58:35 UTC 2008

I'm (finally) about to start building my MythTV box, and have only to
settle on a choice of Video Card before I order the final parts and sit
doown with a screwdriver.

The components I already have on my bench:

Motherboard:    Abit IP35 (no on-board video, or would have tried this
CPU:            E6850
RAM:            2GB
PSU:            Akasa 650W (Quiet)
TV Cards:       Skystar DVB-S (x2) -- as recommended by this list :-)
HDD:            Samsung 500GB (x2)
DVD-RW: Samsung dual layer

Also still to order:   

Case:           Silverstone LaScala LC20B-M
                + some slow/quiet fans

My current TV set is a widescreen PAL (1152x768(?)), with s-video input,
but at some point this will be replaced with an HD set, so I want that
capability for when the time comes.

For subjective reasons (as well it seems as better support in MythTV) I
prefer to go nVidia.   I have read on this list and elsewhere that there
is little point in GeForce 8 (or 9, presumably, when it appears), and
better to stick with 7.  For reasons of noise-reduction and reliability,
I prefer a fanless model.  And while price and performance are both
factors, the key issue for me is MythTV operability.

So taking into account the component list above, which nVidia graphics
card would you choose, and what would be the advantages of doing so?

Thanks for any replies -- I look forward to some interesting reading :-)


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