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kenwilliams at oddpost.com kenwilliams at oddpost.com
Thu Jan 10 17:30:03 UTC 2008

> In addition to Steve's suggestions, although you may not have
> a problem with an SATA drive, you might check with iostat to
> see if you have an IOBOUND system.
> It is a generally recommended practice to put the OS and
> mySQL database on a separate disk from the one that
> contains the recordings in order to spread the IO load.  The
> OS/mySQL disk can be relatively small -- I have a frontend-
> only machine running on an old 8GB disk I had laying around,
> but a backend system would be better served with something
> larger, say 40-80GB?
> HTH.
> Craig.
Thanks for all of the suggestions. If I can get the picture and sound
straightened out, I'll buy a big disk for video storage...at least 500GB.
I've had a TiVo for 6 or 7 years, and I'm trying to convince the wife
that MythTV is better!!

To answer one of Steve's questions, I am just using the onboard video
on the Dell. Since I plan on making that the B/E, I didn't want to spend
the $$ on a video card for it. I believe the video and sound problem are
in the file, because they play the same on my laptop, the monitor, and I
have a D-Link uPnP Media Lounge on my network and it shows up 
there too.

I'll work on Steve's suggestions tonight. I also forgot to mention that
when I use mplayer /dev/video0, the picture jumps there too, with the B/E
shut down. So could that be an ivtv issue?

Thanks again...

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