[mythtv-users] DVD ISO playback problems: Invalid IFO

Tom Greer trgreer at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 21:25:13 UTC 2008

On Jan 9, 2008 12:52 PM, Martin Ritchie <ritchiem at apache.org> wrote:

> Just for the record I'd love to hide the numerous dvd boxes as Ii have
> done with the CD collection. Then I can watch my films in any room at
> any time with quick access rather than going.. oh wait where is that
> one now. Don't know about you but my DVDs are not in any sort of
> Alphabetical , Chronological , Autobiographical or even Box-Colour
> order.
Last spring, I took the time to copy my entire DVD collection to disk.  I
decided to copy the entire ISO (instead of just the movie) so that I would
have the menus and all of the extra features.

It felt so good to pack all of the DVD's into containers and store them in
my garage.  The place looks so clean and well organized now.

And best of all, I can find the movie I want to watch in seconds from any TV
in the house.

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