[mythtv-users] Preserve This Episode

Richard Freeman r-mythtv at thefreemanclan.net
Wed Jan 9 20:08:06 UTC 2008

David Segall wrote:
> Justin wrote:
>> Just wondering, how is this feature different from just disabling auto 
>> expire on one recording?
> I believe it is equivalent to disabling auto expire on one recording 
> _and_ adding one to the number of recordings to keep. It provides the 
> convenience of a one step solution to a problem at the expense of adding 
> another option the user has to understand.

Yeah - I run a script every night that updates any recordings with the 
one flag to set the other as well - typically I'm interested in both or 
neither.  Plus - this way you get a visual indicator when you preserve a 
show (that has finally made it into the trunk, but I'm not sure if it is 
in a released version yet).

Most of my recordings have episode limits.  The kids like watching 
sitcoms but I don't want my whole drive expired when there is a weekend 

I'd still like to see myth become multi-user aware.  Per-user quotas, 
personalized program filters (beyond just recording groups), and the 
ability to track who has seen what show would all be nice to have!  I 
know it was a Google SoC project - I guess it never panned out...

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