[mythtv-users] Help to choose TV tuner card

Mindaugas ml at kilimas.com
Wed Jan 9 07:54:59 UTC 2008


  Which TV tuner from the following list is supported in Linux/MythTV (with MPEG2 encoding) and has good quality?
  The problem is that I'm planning single machine for MythTV and all the decent looking small cases are ~10cm high so Hauppauge 150 won't fit in there. I know about low profile version but it seems to be rare and quite expensive. And not available here.
  Also I would like the one with remote and if with digital support then we have MPEG4 encoding for digitalTV I believe.
  List is not big - I'm in small country. :)

(saa7134) AVERTV GO 007 SUPER
(saa7134) ASUS My Cinema P7131
Kworld PlusTV Hybrid PCI 
(BT878) Leadtek WinFast TV2000 XP Global 
PixelView PlayTV Cinema B1000

  By googling I found that at least two first saa7134 based cards seems to work. Which is of better quality then? I'd like to avoid Leadtek because of software encoding and other hacks. And found not much information about the remaining two cards. Also Pixelview looks a bit cheap. :)



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