[mythtv-users] Dual transcoding profiler for DTV vs OTA tuners

jedi jedi at mishnet.org
Wed Jan 9 06:27:33 UTC 2008


   I am currently experimenting with OTA HD and have
been getting some good results (and some bad) depending
how well individual channels tune in. Now it seems that
the OTA HD content can stand some more agressive compression
than the directv stuff. I would like to have the scale bitrate
but I would like to have one starting point for SD and one for
HD. Effectively this would be 2 sets of profiles associated 
with each tuner.

   I don't want to elevate my bitrate for normal directv stuff
because that would be a lot of overhead. Most of the stuff I 
have recorded so far I am recording on both tuners. Perversely
enough, I managed to record the same series on different tuners
at the same time (different channel).

   Any hints/suggestions would be appreciated.

   Also, I am curious if anyone has any input regarding whether 
or not an interior height increase from 12 feet to 18 feet would 
make any noticable difference. My antenna is mounted in the home
office right above the backend now. I could move it upstairs and
route it through my home wiring but that would put a lot of extra
coax cable between the antenna and the tuner card.

   I am using one of those dirtcheap air2pc cards.

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