[mythtv-users] Australian TV station show times... OT: Alittle

Anthony Giggins seven at seven.dorksville.net
Wed Jan 9 00:12:24 UTC 2008

> I too have been noticing they are getting worse. I get my signal from
> the Woolongong area of Sydney and am only seeing pretty close to
> start/end times from ABC and SBS. Prime (7), WIN (9) and Southern Cross
> (10) are abysmal - WIN especially. I too have 5 in front and 15 behind
> and I missed at least half of the shows recorded off WIN. I am talking a
> programmed start time of say 7pm and the actual show I am after starting
> 15 to 20 mins *after* that. I don't know what they are playing at but
> thank goodness for Myth where I can just adjust and edit later if need be.
> Cheers
> Bruce

Hi Bruce,

I'm also in the Wollongong area and I'd like to ask you a few questions?
1. What Tuners are you using?
2. Can I get a copy of your dtv_multiplex settings for SBS (I currently
have intermittent issues recording SBS on my Dvico HDTV DVB-T Plus Pci)


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