[mythtv-users] looking for an hdhomerun

William Munson w.munson at comcast.net
Wed Jan 9 00:11:10 UTC 2008

Larry K wrote:
> Well, that would be great if I could do that.  How can I tell what 
> channels will be available to the HDRD, before I go buy one?
That is the rub with the HDHR, you cannot even tell what channels you 
are receiving as there is no mapping of qam transport channels to actual 
channels. In fact you will have to manually figure out what each channel 
is and then manually enter the data into the database and then will have 
to look up what the xmltvid number is for that channel. I would strongly 
recommend that you spend the time getting a firewire stb set up. 
Although quirky its far far easier than setting up a hdhr. Here in 
Florida the cable company (comcast) has a nasty habit of moving channels 
around every few weeks which is completely transparent when using a stb 
but will cause you large amounts of frustration when all of a sudden you 
start recording garbage or nothing at all.

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