[mythtv-users] WifeyPopup 1.0, utility for MythTV

daniel åkerud daniel.akerud at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 17:53:36 UTC 2008

>  I haven't seen this in action, but do you think it would take much work
> to mod this in to an osd type app that works on all screens of myth?  Been
> looking for a way to show notifications (like new email, etc...) as mythosd
> only works when playing video using the Internal player.
> Ash

I did something like this for the Amiga emulator e-uae to make it more
HTPC-friendly (change disks and other common tasks using gamepad, and
feedback through OSD). But I used "xosd". Simple, but indeed not as cool as
updating the Myth code would be ofcourse :)


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