[mythtv-users] false error message in livetv for channel lock

Ismo Tanskanen ismot at telemail.fi
Sun Jan 6 14:42:24 UTC 2008

After last svn updates, I have got a problem with channel tuning. This 
problem occurred with svn15142 and now with recent update, with 
svn15329, so I think it is not temporary issue.

I get channel lock and picture as allways. But in spite of that, I get 
error message:
"You should have gotten a channel lock by now. You can continue to wait 
for a signal, or you can change the channels...."

I have increased tuning timeout in mythtv-setup/capture card setup, I 
even increased it to 7000. Only result is, that I get this message 
later, 7 sec after starting livetv. What is funny, I've been already 
watching livetv few seconds in that moment, so tuning is not problem.

I have Technotrend T1500 DVB card, and Technotrend T1300 DVB card. Both 
cards give me same error.

It does happen allways, only sometimes. Usually, after I first time 
start livetv from menu.

Is there way to disable this warning?


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