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myth at pbj-design.dk myth at pbj-design.dk
Mon Jan 7 09:06:12 UTC 2008

Hey Guys.
Thanks for the answers.
I don't run the frontend as root - caurse I build a under the stairs
solution - so anyway ending up with permission issues all around.
(by the way - ArchLinux is a litlle bit like RH - but not that close)

Caurse of sharing using NFS etc - I've created a user called myth - which
also auto login to Gnome and starts MythFrontend.

So quite shure it's a permission issue - So will need to look into how to
graqnd the user permission to shutdown the machine - if it's like you say
- But still - is it so much different when shutting down from Gnome's
system menu - where I also with that user can chose shutdown - and it's

Thanks a lot.
Per Jørgensen

> On 07/01/2008, myth at pbj-design.dk <myth at pbj-design.dk> wrote:
>> Hey Group.
>> I build my Myth upon ArchLinux. a Under the stairs solutiuon.
>> When I want to exit the frontend in the livingroom -  I press the ESC
>> and
>> got the question:
>> Are you sure you waqnt to quit:
>> No
>> Yes
>> yes and shutdown.
>> When I press yes and shutdown, The frontend closes but the PC stays on??
>> Is there a script here that I can add some extra lines to - so that I'm
>> sure it'll shutdown?.
>> I've looked at /usr/bin/mythshutdown but that's a binaery file - so
>> that's
>> not a chance.
>> Since I have all Tunercards in the Backend - I don't have a need for
>> WakeOnLan so that is the question if that have something to do with it??
> Almost certainly a permissions issue - you probably want to add
> permission for the mythfrontend user to use the shutdown/poweroff
> commands in your /etc/sudoers file.
> If you run mythfrontend as root, does the machine shutdown properly?
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