[mythtv-users] Changed chanid via SQL, now can't seek in older recordings

David Whyte david.whyte at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 11:00:37 UTC 2008


Trying to tune a new channel last week, I screwed something up which
resulted in me removing all the old channels using mythtv-setup.  I
then got them all back using the channel scanner (I am on DVB-T in
Australia) and everything was running pretty fine.  I did notice that
all the chanids had changed and that some old data was out of date,
such as the channel that a program was recorded from in the mythweb
recorded programs page and the stats from the mythweb stats page.

I proceeded to update the DB and everything *seemed* to be OK,
however, seeking through an old recording seems to be broken.  When
attempted, the rarely progresses forwards, often just freezing for a
couple of second before continuing, without actully skipping forward.
I think this could be a seektable issue, however, when I try and run
mythtranscode --mpeg2 --rebuild -i <filename>, it complains about a
chanid not existing (although it seems to perform the transcode too).
Is this chanid derived from the filename or is it stored in the
recorded table?

Is there anyway to fix my seektable?


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