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Marc drayson at net1plus.com
Sun Jan 6 06:29:02 UTC 2008

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>     Not sure if this has been asked.
>     But, is there a compatability list, or table (if not, why not
> having
> one)
>     So, if we decide to upgrade, for those who don't want
> cutting/bleeding edge stuff, to go and check what mobo-s work, what
> don't, what almost works, which TV cards work with what, all the way to
> HD's and PSU's (why PSU? .. well minimum power requirements)
>     Yes, we can go and jump in the code and have a look, but not
> everyone is able to read it, little own understand it..
>     Something similar to the lm-sensors table listing
>     Mobo,   BIOS Ver,   CPU,   TV Card,    RAM... whatever
>     And hve it on the net, in a wiki or some place, hopefully linked to
> the mythtv web site (www.mythtv.org)
>     Include in it, what works, what doesn't, cause there are mobo's out
> there that don't work, or for some reason they are steppy..
>     What might be perfect for a backend may not fair too well for a
> front end, and vise-versa..
>     I know for 1, the mobo I'm using (Gigabyte GA-8I955X-Pro) I have
> problems with jagged playback (Even playing locally, or downloading the
> MPG on to the Q6600 system.
>     What works on 1 mobo combination won't work the same on another..
>     So, I'm looking for a table that wil help me, and others choose
> easier ;o)
>     Un less its all been done, posted, and I am just too slack to find
> the obvious..
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