[mythtv-users] Compatability list

Rod Rod at Rods.id.au
Sun Jan 6 03:31:55 UTC 2008

    Not sure if this has been asked.

    But, is there a compatability list, or table (if not, why not having 

    So, if we decide to upgrade, for those who don't want 
cutting/bleeding edge stuff, to go and check what mobo-s work, what 
don't, what almost works, which TV cards work with what, all the way to 
HD's and PSU's (why PSU? .. well minimum power requirements)

    Yes, we can go and jump in the code and have a look, but not 
everyone is able to read it, little own understand it..

    Something similar to the lm-sensors table listing

    Mobo,   BIOS Ver,   CPU,   TV Card,    RAM... whatever

    And hve it on the net, in a wiki or some place, hopefully linked to 
the mythtv web site (www.mythtv.org)

    Include in it, what works, what doesn't, cause there are mobo's out 
there that don't work, or for some reason they are steppy..

    What might be perfect for a backend may not fair too well for a 
front end, and vise-versa..

    I know for 1, the mobo I'm using (Gigabyte GA-8I955X-Pro) I have 
problems with jagged playback (Even playing locally, or downloading the 
MPG on to the Q6600 system.

    What works on 1 mobo combination won't work the same on another..

    So, I'm looking for a table that wil help me, and others choose 
easier ;o)

    Un less its all been done, posted, and I am just too slack to find 
the obvious..

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