[mythtv-users] DVD on Frontends won't eject

Ma Begaj derliebegott at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 22:30:02 UTC 2008

2008/1/5, Per Jørgensen <myth at pbj-design.dk>:
> Hey Ma.
> Thanks for your advice.
> But it ain't working. I have made the changes in these files - but still
> have the same problem which I need to close mythFrontend and from GNOME
> unmount the DVD.
> So this ain't working and don't know why it'll not work.
> hopefully you'll be able to come with the rigth solution.

well, you could start with <exec></exec> a script which will umount
the drive before eject:


and eject_dvd (chmod 700) has this:

umount /dev/dvd
eject /dev/dvd

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