[mythtv-users] Frame rate problem when watching live TV

Robin Neatherway robthebob at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 14:44:06 UTC 2008

> > What is your basis for this statement? Fglrx definitely does support
> > xv as far as I am aware. Does it not support your graphics chip
> > properly?
> Flgrx has a problem with xv support for R600. When I configure for xv with
> "aticonfig --ovt=Xv" and reboot, and run xvinfo, I get the result "no
> adapters present".

This sounds like a problem.

> > Have you tried scheduling a recording and then watching the recording
> > while it is in progress? This should be exactly the same as watching
> > LiveTV.

Definitely give this a go to be sure.

> >> - Can the above possibility be checked by turning off the recordinfg when
> >> watching live TV?
> >
> > No, try another program such as tvtime, mplayer, vlc etc to view the
> > stream directly.
> Tvtime terminates immediately with the message that it requires XV support.
> Mplayer hangs when I try to tune to a channel. On VLC, I get "No suitable
> access module for 'dvb:'". Any suggestions?

Try tuning with czap and dump the stream with dvbstream. Do a quick
google for examples. Then play the stream with mplayer.

> >> - Is mythtv-vid still a branch? Has there ever been a stable version? I
> >> have
> >> read somewhere in this list that part of the code has been merged to the
> >> trunk. Would it make sense to try an SVN version of MythTV (trunk)?
> >
> > I think it has mostly been merged. I think your problems are more to
> > do with the configuration of your system than MythTV.
> The reason I tried mythtv-vid was the ability to configure alternatives to
> xv.

In that case, possibly try SVN, where you can use opengl output,
however are you sure that this works? Be aware that upgrading to SVN
is a one-way process for your database.


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