[mythtv-users] AC3 passthrough and "Use video as timebase"

Ismo Tanskanen ismot at telemail.fi
Fri Jan 4 21:36:54 UTC 2008

For some reason I must use "Use video as timebase" - settings/TV 
settings/playback (I know it is Experimental). If I don't use it, I see 
"jumps" when watching livetv or recordings. Those "jumps" happens maybe 
1-2 times in minute. It is just noticeable´, picture stops for a short 
moment, and then "jumps" to real time. It is most annoying when watching 
ice hockey etc.

All is fine with "Use video as timebase" - setting, other than when I 
play dvd with internal player and AC3 passthrough, I get no sound, or 
sound is choppy. Without it sound is perfect. I use amplifier connected 
to spdif.

I have nforce 430 chipset and geforce 6100 integrated video. I use svn 

Is there a way to disable "Use video as timebase" - setting when playing 
AC3-track or DTS? Or just when playing dvd?

Thanks at advance

- Kane

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