[mythtv-users] Software Update always results in X not starting

MythTV MythTV at assuredsolutions.com
Fri Jan 4 19:23:37 UTC 2008

In all my searching trying to remove and install nvidia drivers,  I  
found that that yum had a GUI version called yumex.  So I installed  
it using:
# yum install yumex

When it finished the install, I opened up "Yum Extender" from the  
"System Tools" menu.  I searched for "kmon-nvidia" and there was a  
version for my kernel!    An install and a reboot later, I had great  
control of the two video ports connected to my computer.

This website also helped with yumex and the nvidia driver install:

Unfortunately, X Windows would crap out whenever I launched MythTV  
and I would be returned to the login screen.  The same problem would  
occur when I would try to click on the "OpenGL/GLX Information" in  
the "nVidia Display Settings" under the "System Tools" menu.  I  
edited xorg.conf and commented out Load "glx".  That solved the  
problem.  The mysterious part is, Load "glx" somehow got uncommented  
and the problem is not occurring.  Strange...

The questions I still have are:
How do I know what kernel version will result from a Software Update?
How do I know that yum will have a nvidia version for my next kernel?
How does everybody out there coordinate the two so easily?

On Jan 3, 2008, 4:40 pm, Russell Brown wrote:
 >Fedora core 6 is no longer available
 >The recommended solution is to update to fedora 7 or 8.

It took me four months to build this MythTV box and I'm discouraged  
to try to upgrade.  I'd say I'm 95% satisfied with everything on the  
computer and really hesitate to update unless things stay continually  
broken.  I will prepare myself for "that day" though.


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