[mythtv-users] Experience with Shuttle PC's?

Bob Sully rcs at malibyte.net
Thu Jan 3 20:28:04 UTC 2008

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> Reid,
>> Any thoughts or experience with the Shuttle PC's?
> I had a Shuttle box that I really, really liked, but had pervasive
> hardware problems. It would run fine for a few days, then I would start it
> up and the MBR would be corrupted, so it wouldn't boot. I would recover
> the MBR with a Knoppix boot disk and it would be fine, then a couple of
> days later it would do it again. I did the component-swap-shuffle thing
> and narrowed it down to the SATA port on the motherboard. I sent it for
> service and Shuttle couldn't duplicate the problem so I just sold it and
> told the buyer he'd have to put a SATA card in it.
> --cro

> On Jan 3, 2008 11:34 AM, C. R. Oldham <cro at ncbt.org> wrote:
>> Reid,
>> > Any thoughts or experience with the Shuttle PC's?
> I have an older shuttle model using the FX43 motherboard (AMD 2800+
> processor) that acted as my first mythtv with front/backend combo (circa
> 2004).  It is still working wonderfully and has since become my upstairs
> mythbox and slave backend.  I have since replaced most of the components
> as
> time goes by, but the core system/memory/cpu are still the same.
> I will agree that it is not exactly quiet, but will run everything I need.
> I my opinion quiet = $$$$.

I have two of them that I have been using as servers on my home network. 
I love the compact cases, and they are fairly feature-packed.  They've
been relatively decent but BOTH of them developed problems with the
on-board ethernet interface - which is a big problem when you have one PCI
slot available in a machine that requires two network interfaces.  One of
them I was able to fix by cleaning the plug out well; the other one was
not repairable and I had to swap out the machine completely; I'll probably
give that Shuttle machine to my daughter as a word-processor/Web-browser
box, since it'll only need one NIC for that (will use the one PCI slot,
probaby for a wireless NIC).

The second poster is right about the noise.  At low load, it's nice and
quiet, but run something CPU-intensive on it and it sounds like an
airplane  taking off.

$0.02 worth.
Bob Sully - Simi Valley, California, USA

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