[mythtv-users] Experience with Shuttle PC's?

David Shay david at shay.net
Thu Jan 3 03:59:05 UTC 2008

On 1/2/08, Reid Anderson <reidsanderson at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am spec'ing out a first Myth box and interested in a combo machine (both
> front and back end)  I'd would place it in the living room and connect it
> directly to the main TV of the house (hopefully an HD set when we upgrade
> this summer).  I am quite interested in the Shuttle SG33G5.  It's an Intel
> G33 chipset with a 775 socket (into which I would likely put a Core Duo).
>  The Shuttle's board has HDMI out built in, a feature I think I like, and
> Optical Audio Out.  My only concern is that I would like to put dual tuners
> in it (each capable of HD) but the Shuttle has one PCI and one PCIe slot.  I
> haven't had much luck finding PCIe HD TV Tuner cards (at least not ones that
> have known Linux support.
> Any thoughts or experience with the Shuttle PC's?  Any thoughts or
> experience with HDMI output from MythTV (likely Mythbuntu, in particular)?
>  Any suggestions on a PCIe HD TV Tuner (that is also capable of SD until we
> upgrade to HD Cable)?

Don't know about the Shuttle's.  I can recommend, though, that you put a
PVR-500 in that PCI slot and then just get an HD Homerun as an external
network-based dual HDTV tuner.  Fully linux compatible, works great.  You'll
have 4 tuners there to start.
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