[mythtv-users] Experience with Shuttle PC's?

Reid Anderson reidsanderson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 02:01:51 UTC 2008

I am spec'ing out a first Myth box and interested in a combo machine (both
front and back end)  I'd would place it in the living room and connect it
directly to the main TV of the house (hopefully an HD set when we upgrade
this summer).  I am quite interested in the Shuttle SG33G5.  It's an Intel
G33 chipset with a 775 socket (into which I would likely put a Core Duo).
 The Shuttle's board has HDMI out built in, a feature I think I like, and
Optical Audio Out.  My only concern is that I would like to put dual tuners
in it (each capable of HD) but the Shuttle has one PCI and one PCIe slot.  I
haven't had much luck finding PCIe HD TV Tuner cards (at least not ones that
have known Linux support.

Any thoughts or experience with the Shuttle PC's?  Any thoughts or
experience with HDMI output from MythTV (likely Mythbuntu, in particular)?
 Any suggestions on a PCIe HD TV Tuner (that is also capable of SD until we
upgrade to HD Cable)?

     Reid Anderson
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