[mythtv-users] Stopping a recording *and* re-recording something.

kim Gross kgross at jensalt.com
Wed Jan 2 04:04:29 UTC 2008

Bruce Nordstrand wrote:
> Hi all
> One thing that has always confused me is stopping a recording. When 
> setting up my latest box, I fired up a few recordings to check things 
> and once I had confirmed that all was OK I set about stopping those 
> recordings. Confusion reigns however. To do it, I went into the record, 
> cancelled the schedule, back out and selected Delete.
> Is that the *only* way to stop a recording? Is there a Stop Recording 
> option somewhere that I have missed?
> Which leads me to my other issue, I came across a "problem" where I set 
> of a scheduled record and found that nothing was being recorded (file 
> size said B). So I cancelled and deleted the program. I then fixed the 
> issue and went to re-record the program (which had already started) and 
> Myth refused to do it - it said that that showing had already been 
> recorded. There was nothing I could do other than go into the DB and 
> delete the "oldrecorded" record.
> Again, is there something that I am missing?

To stop a recording, go into manage recordings and highlight the 
recording and choose delete.  Also when you delete from manage 
recordings you can choose delete or delete and let re-record.  If you 
just choose delete it is in the database as recorded, if you choose to 
delete and re-record it will try to re-record it as long as the 
recording rule is still in effect.


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