[mythtv-users] Intro---

Mike Barnard mike at bleeding-head.com
Tue Jan 1 06:20:09 UTC 2008

> Since I'll probably have MySQL running on 
> the system disk (CF) I wondered if the 4GB CF would be sufficient space 
> for all that file handling. Or should I just nix it for a HDD.

    I was actually considering the same thing. I have some IDE-to-CF 
adapters, and I like the idea of low power consumption and complete lack 
of noise. However, there's just no way CF would hold up for any length 
of time given the level of write activity involved in Myth (especially 
with MySQL).

Other options with similar benefits include a CF microdrive (a tiny hard 
drive with 1" platter) or a 2.5" laptop hard drive. 4GB is more than 
enough for all system-related functionality. I think a bare install of 
Debian is about 450M - add to that X, MySQL, Myth, etc. and you might 
get to 1G. 2G would certainly leave more than enough room.

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