[mythtv-users] Intro---

Chuck Needham thatguy at 2bitstudio.com
Tue Jan 1 07:03:36 UTC 2008

Hi Brad, Mike,

Thanks for the feedback. The only reason for the CF would be no moving
parts and low power. I can live with the MySQL being on a small HDD. I
have a few older drives laying around, I just found my 8GB drive (IBM
DYLA-28100) that's been collecting dust for 2 years, from when I rebuilt
my music-media laptop. If it still runs it should do okay for a DB drive
if MySQL can be set up to use it. I'm wondering if I can set up the IDE
with the DF as master (boot drive) and the 8GB drive as slave. Would I
still not want the rest of MythTV (sans MySQL) installed on the CF?

As for the 4 GB of DDR2, I just want to avoid delays with page files,
but I forget... this wouldn't be a WinDOZE machine. If I can do it in 2
GB then I will.


Brad DerManouelian wrote:

> You do not want to run MySQL on a CF disk.  Videos use a seek table  
> stored in MySQL and is accessed quite often when recording and playing  
> back video. You might get anything from jumpy video to a dead CF drive  
> in a very short amount of time. Is there a particular reason you are  
> considering CF? There might be a better solution for what you're  
> trying to achieve.
>> Mem: MWave 4GB DDR2 667
> You don't need that much memory if you want to cut back in favor or  
> something else. 1.5GB is overkill on my setup with 3 HD and 2 SD  
> tuners, plus 1080p playback

Mike Barnard wrote:
> I was actually considering the same thing. I have some IDE-to-CF 
> adapters, and I like the idea of low power consumption and complete lack 
> of noise. However, there's just no way CF would hold up for any length 
> of time given the level of write activity involved in Myth (especially 
> with MySQL).
> Other options with similar benefits include a CF microdrive (a tiny hard 
> drive with 1" platter) or a 2.5" laptop hard drive. 4GB is more than 
> enough for all system-related functionality. I think a bare install of 
> Debian is about 450M - add to that X, MySQL, Myth, etc. and you might 
> get to 1G. 2G would certainly leave more than enough room.

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