[mythtv-users] anybody with a USB-UIRT get suspend to ram working?

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Sun Feb 17 14:02:32 UTC 2008

Has anybody with a USB-UIRT been able to get it working as both a lirc
device and get it to wake the computer from suspend to ram? I bought
one because the myth wiki page for it mentions the wake from suspend
feature of it, which implied to me that I would be able to use it with
myth. However, after a failure to get it working, and after being
unable to find even a single case of someone getting it working, I'm
starting to think it's not possible. If nobody has been able to, I'd
like to update the wiki to note this (so nobody makes the same mistake
as me). On the other hand, if someone HAS, the I'd love to know how.

Here's my situation, specifically. I've used the windows utility to
configure the USB-UIRT with the code for my remote's power button. If
I plug it into the machine and have lirc disabled, I can suspend the
machine and use the remote to wake it up. If I start up lirc but don't
start any lirc applications, I can still continue to do the same.
However, the instant an application connects to lirc (ex: run irw from
the command line), the USB-UIRT will no longer wake the system from

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