[mythtv-users] Black Initial Screen (no Text)

clemens at dwf.com clemens at dwf.com
Sat Dec 27 03:45:23 UTC 2008

I asked this question as a part of a two-parter earlier and got no response,
Im hoping that a better Subject line will get a response.

A couple three weeks ago, something happened to my MythTV install that caused
the mythfrontend to come up with a blue screen, and the 'pre-scaling' bars, 
and then drop to a black screen with no text.

The areas of the screen where (if the screen were blue) the screen SHOULD have
text were still active, and if I do an up-arrow, up-arrow, Enter, I go off
someplace, but its not easy getting anywnere.  After that, the screens have
their normal text on them, its just the FIRST screen thats blank.

Ditto, on trying mythtv-setup, also a black screen, so even trying to do the
setup over was basically impossible.

I tried updating mythtv, it didnt help.

I built a new OS in a different partition, dumped/restored the database,
rebuilt mythtv (but had the same data in ~/.mythtv), no help.  

I have no idea what has been blown away, and how to fix this.

Ive gone so far as to remove all the ~/.mythtv files, removed the mysql
database, but it still seems to know what Theme Im using so it must have
info squireled away someplace else...

Any thoughts???
I thought that bringing up the new OS in a new partition was going to solve
this problem, but it hasnt, and I dont know how to back out (even if I do
loose all the info in the database) of this situation.

                                        reg at dwf.com

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