[mythtv-users] linux, dnsmasq, and HD HomeRun

Geoffrey Leach geoff at hughes.net
Thu Dec 25 23:59:20 UTC 2008

On 12/25/2008 01:32:18 PM, David Brodbeck wrote:
> I've had good results with dnsmasq by setting up /etc/hosts and
> /etc/ethers, then using the "read-ethers" option in my dnsmasq.conf
> file.  It's just my personal preference, but I find it easier to set
> up
> this way instead of including the host entries in the dnsmasq.conf
> file;
> the syntax just seems less cryptic this way.  Don't forget to restart
> dnsmasq after editing dnsmasq.conf, hosts, or ethers.
> Here's an example set of lines from my hosts and ethers file, for one
> of
> my machines:
> /etc/hosts:
>    grackle
> /etc/ethers:
> 00:02:2D:61:6A:CD grackle
> Make sure dnsmasq.conf has "read-ethers" and doesn't have "no-hosts",
> or
> that you've set the command line options that do the same thing.  It
> should just work after that.
> You may also want to make sure dnsmasq is operating on the interface
> you
> want, and only the interface you want, so you don't get conflicts 
> with
> your router's DHCP server.  You can do this with the "interface=" or
> "except-interface=" lines in the config file.
> If it still doesn't work, see if dnsmasq is complaining about
> something
> in its log output.  If you can't figure out where dnsmasq's syslog
> entries are going, you can temporarily run it with the "--no-daemon"
> command line option; that will make it stay in the foreground and log
> to
> stderr.  It's fairly helpful about telling you when something's 
> wrong,
> like when a device is asking to reassign an IP it doesn't have.
> Hope this helps!

Alas, no joy.  But thanks nevertheless.

A couple of questions.

o Are you running a router? If so how does it relate to grackle?
o Any idea what the significance of this message might be?
  dnsmasq: no address range available for DHCP request via eth0
  The setting of dhcp-range does not appear to have any effect.

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