[mythtv-users] linux, dnsmasq, and HD HomeRun

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Thu Dec 25 21:32:18 UTC 2008

I've had good results with dnsmasq by setting up /etc/hosts and
/etc/ethers, then using the "read-ethers" option in my dnsmasq.conf
file.  It's just my personal preference, but I find it easier to set up
this way instead of including the host entries in the dnsmasq.conf file;
the syntax just seems less cryptic this way.  Don't forget to restart
dnsmasq after editing dnsmasq.conf, hosts, or ethers.

Here's an example set of lines from my hosts and ethers file, for one of
my machines:

/etc/hosts:    grackle

00:02:2D:61:6A:CD grackle

Make sure dnsmasq.conf has "read-ethers" and doesn't have "no-hosts", or
that you've set the command line options that do the same thing.  It
should just work after that.

You may also want to make sure dnsmasq is operating on the interface you
want, and only the interface you want, so you don't get conflicts with
your router's DHCP server.  You can do this with the "interface=" or
"except-interface=" lines in the config file.

If it still doesn't work, see if dnsmasq is complaining about something
in its log output.  If you can't figure out where dnsmasq's syslog
entries are going, you can temporarily run it with the "--no-daemon"
command line option; that will make it stay in the foreground and log to
stderr.  It's fairly helpful about telling you when something's wrong,
like when a device is asking to reassign an IP it doesn't have.

Hope this helps!

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