[mythtv-users] Advice for VDPAU and HD-PVR

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Thu Dec 25 01:15:08 UTC 2008

On Dec 24, 2008, at 4:32 PM, Michael Tiller wrote:

> So I got an HD-PVR for Christmas.  I also asked for and got an  
> NVIDIA 8400GS expecting that my system won't be able to play back  
> the recordings very nicely.
> As I see it, I have several choices:
> Wait until 0.22 and have both HD-PVR and VDPAU support in that.
> Install 0.21-fixes + HD-PVR support as a patch (I assume this is  
> available, I saw something about it).
> Upgrade to trunk (and the associated instability)
> So, #1 is just no fun and since there is no release date, that could  
> take a very long time.
> The issue with #2 is that without VDPAU support, I'm likely only  
> going to be able to capture at faily low rates for now which is a  
> bit of a downer but also safer.

I recommend capturing some sample video with your new device in  
Windows with its supported drivers/software and see if you can play  
back on your frontend at an acceptable compression rate before  
continuing on worrying about what to do next.

Upgrading to trunk is always a decision you have to make yourself. You  
have to decide if you're going to take the time and effort it takes to  
catch up on the -dev and -commit lists and follow them. This will  
answer your questions about "which build should I use?" and the reason  
why devs insist that if you're going to run trunk you need to know  
what's broken. Something is always broken in every build. If nothing  
was broken, it would be released. You need to look through the tickets  
and pick the build with the stuff that works that you care about.

Don't forget that if you're going with option 3, you also need to run  
beta video drivers from nvidia which can be challenging on its own.


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