[mythtv-users] Mytharchive errors

Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Fri Dec 12 06:37:53 UTC 2008

On Thursday 11 December 2008 11:10:42 pm Harry Devine wrote:
> I was able
> to transcode the file to an mpg file, but when I play it, I don't have
> any sound.

What do you get when you run midentify on the converted file, specifically for 
the ID_AUDIO_ID, ID_AUDIO_FORMAT, and ID_AUDIO_CODEC fields? On my converted 
recordings, these are 128, 8192, and a52, respectively. If you're not seeing 
any audio information reported, then it could be that your version of 
mencoder is having problems with whatever format is used in the original. If 
midentify is reporting correct data, then my first guess is that the audio 
data IS present, but that your MythTV configuration is having problems 
playing it back. Can you play back other files with AC3 sound? (I'm sure 
there are demo files on the Internet, but I don't have any URLs handy.) You 
could check your MythTV's audio options; there are quite a few that interact 
with both different audio formats and how your audio playback works 
(conventional speaker connections, SPDIF outputs, etc.).

You might also try playing the transcoded file with mplayer or other tools 
(even non-Linux tools, if that's an option). If it's MythTV that's having 
problems, you could try making a DVD and see how it plays, both via MythTV's 
DVD-playing tool and a "real" DVD player.

> I selected option 2 in your script ("Convert original audio 
> track to 2-channel AC3") because option 1 ("Copy original audio track
> unmodified") gave an error concerning -oac "copy" not being right.  The
> video looked good but like I said, no audio.

I just checked, and copying audio from .nuv files to MPEG-2 doesn't work for 
me, either. Converting to 2-channel AC3 format definitely does work, though, 
so I suspect either your copy of mencoder is having problems with the 
original audio track or your MythTV installation is having problems with the 
AC3 audio.

> Once I have an mpg file,
> would I just go into Mytharchive and choose "Add File" instead of "Add
> Recording"?

If you're referring to the options on the "Select Archive Items" screen, I'm 
not sure what "Add File" does. I generally either rename my transcoded file 
to the original recording filename, which enables MythArchive to pick up the 
recording data for placement in the DVD menu; or put the transcoded file in 
the videos directory and use "Add Video," which enables MythArchive to pick 
up any data I add in the video management tools.

Rod Smith

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