[mythtv-users] Myth trying to record on wrong backend.

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Wed Dec 10 14:31:43 UTC 2008

On Dec 9, 2008, at 10:58 PM, Jon Bishop wrote:

>> <snip>
>> How can I make it keep the channels from each backend sepaarate?
> Shut down both backends. Go into mythtv-setup and create a second
> video source... on this source, use the same listings source that you
> used for the first source, but name it something diffferent (in my
> case, I had SD and HD, both came from the same schedules direct
> lineup, one had the HD channels, the other had the SD channels). Then,
> go into the channel editor, and remove the channels that don't come in
> OTA from the OTA lineup. I would leave all the cable channels in the
> lineup if they can all be tuned. Set the OTA card input to a higher
> priority. This will make myth default to the OTA card first, but if
> the channel doesn't exist, it will fall back to the cable lineup.

I think that if you do this new channels will get added to both  
sources as they appear in schedules direct unless you add

    When using DataDirect, ask mythfilldatabase to
    remove new channels (those not in the database)
    from the DataDirect lineup.  These channels are
    removed from the lineup as if you had done so
    via the DataDirect website's Lineup Wizard, but
    may be re-added manually and incorporated into
    MythTV by running mythfilldatabase without this
    option.  New channels are automatically removed
    for DVB and HDTV sources that use DataDirect.

to your mythfilldatabase command.


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