[mythtv-users] Mapping unknown scanned channels to Schedule Direct channels for Verizon FiOS

Greg Woods greg at gregandeva.net
Wed Dec 10 14:14:54 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-12-09 at 22:26 -0800, Darren Hart wrote:

> 1) Shouldn't my Schedules Direct listings for Verizon FiOS TV Local be
> able to make this mapping for me?

Unfortunately, it seems to depend on whether or not your provider
includes information about what channel it is in the transmission. I'm
not saying this right I know, but the bottom line is, if the channel
scan does not pick up the XMLID, then the mapping doesn't happen and
there is no alternative to tediously doing it manually. I have heard
reports from people who had everything magically "just happen" when they
did a scan, but here in Louisville CO, Comcast doesn't provide any
information at all and I have to enter all my digital channels by hand.
It sucks. On the flip side, when I scan my analog channels via a PVR-500
card, the mappings are all set up properly for me.

> 2) What is supposed to go in Channel Name, Channel Number, and Channel Callsign?

What is really important is the XMLID. All this information is in your
Schedules Direct lineup.

The one thing I found that at least avoids the problem of crashing on
bad channels is to set up five minute test recordings for each channel
using Manual Record. Then you can go back and watch the test recordings
to identify which channels you can actually get and what they are. Use
the Channel Editor to delete the channels you can't record, and enter
the channel information for those you are able to identify.


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