[mythtv-users] Out Of Ram

Udo van den Heuvel udovdh at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 9 18:48:24 UTC 2008

Adam Skinner wrote:
> Could someone please tell me if mythfrontend is eating to much memory or
> have other people seen similar levels and therefore dont need to worry?

The backend eats memory for sure.
Buying more ram doesn't help.
Fixing the leaks does help.

Can you run valgrind on your system?
The pro's here can explain you what info they need from valgrind.

I just let me backend record three channels from one transponder, 24/7.
Just what the software is made for.
Unfortunately the backend leaks by just recording and I cannot run 
valgrind on my tiny system without causing issues for the mythbackend 

So please help out if you can.


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