[mythtv-users] HD playback h264 crashes, or stutters

Travis Tabbal travis at tabbal.net
Mon Dec 8 15:55:28 UTC 2008

On Sun, Dec 7, 2008 at 10:03 AM, Paul <thannet at gmail.com> wrote:

> Now this is not life or death but I currently have two problems with
> this front-end I am playing with.
> The motherboard is an ASrock NF6 with 2GB ram, and an AMD Athlon x2
> 3800, tried both on board 6000, and also PCIe 6800, am aware I have
> problems with the audio, so currently set to disabled in Myth. Tried
> numerous profiles with varying degree's of success, but all pause at
> some stage. Mythbuntu 8.10 no patches applied.

I found that I could not play HD h264 with a 3800+. Even with CoreAVC. You
could try a 8 or 9 series NVidia card and VDPAU but that's beta quality
right now. There is also a CPU upgrade. I found that the 6000+ can handle
anything I've thrown at it just fine. The problem is that many h264 streams
are encoded in a way that disables the multi-core capabilities on the
player. So you're stuck with a single core at about 2Ghz to decode the
thing, and that speed just doesn't cut it. The 6000+ runs at 3Ghz per core,
and it does seem to have the power required to get the job done. I didn't
notice any difference in temps or noise from the box, in fact, the cooler
looked the same to me on my chip. I got one of the newer lower wattage
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