[mythtv-users] Schedule recording only from TV, not Radio ?

Paul Mason latepaul at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 20:54:18 UTC 2008

On 12/04/2008 09:43 AM, Paul Hurley wrote: 
> I've just recently built a test MythTV system (old Compaq P900, 
> Hauppauge Nova DVB-T USB2 stick) that is now happily recording and 
> playing things from Freeview here in the UK. 
> Obviously, I'm a geek, so have setup a rule to record Doctor Who 
> whenever it appears. However, it gets shown on several channels like 
> BBC3, and also on radio station BBC Radio 7. Is there a way to
> TV from radio channels, so I can say record whenever this is on TV,
> not Radio ?? 

I just did this.

Go to the 'Manage Recordings' menu, then 'Schedule Recordings' then
'Custom Record'. 

Leave the 'Edit Rule' box showing "<New Rule>" and tab/arrow down to
"Rule Name"

Enter a name e.g. Doctor Who Rule

Move down to the big box at the bottom and type this:

program.title = 'Doctor Who'
AND channel.channum < 700

This is the criteria for your rule. In Freeview channels >= 700 are
radio channels. You could also do it by excluding the particular channel

Move down to 'Test' and you should see a list of TV episodes but not the
radio ones. Move back (Escape) and then hit Record to set the recording
schedule. I've got it set to "any time on any channel" knowing that the
search criteria will take care of excluding the radio ones. Set the rest
of the recording options in the usual way and save it.


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