[mythtv-users] Set up a Holiday Special Recording Schedule??

boehm100 at comcast.net boehm100 at comcast.net
Wed Dec 3 19:08:44 UTC 2008

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From: Brad DerManouelian <myth at dermanouelian.com>
> On Dec 3, 2008, at 9:49 AM, boehm100 at comcast.net wrote:
> > Thanks Brad.  That worked well. Unfortunately I think "program.hdtv  
> > = 1" is too strict. I would like to include programs like "Rudolph  
> > the Red-Nosed Reindeer" being broadcast on KOIN-HD, but it does not  
> > have the hdtv flag.  Is there anyway to specify the tuner instead?   
> > I have an HDHomeRun and two PVR-150s.  Basically if its on a digital  
> > channel and its a holiday special I would like to capture it.
> You could do it based on chanid. For instance, all my OTA chanid's  
> start with 1 so if I only wanted to catch the programs only when they  
> are available OTA (all my digital channels), I would add:
> AND chanid BETWEEN 999 AND 2000
> I don't know enough about the scheduler to suggest a way to limit it  
> to a single tuner.
> -Brad

What about:
AND chanid *.1


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