[mythtv-users] Getting OT - Backend PC Powersupply...is it broken?

Ian Clark mrrooster at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 11:05:08 UTC 2008

2008/12/3 David Whyte <david.whyte at gmail.com>

> Hi all,
> [snip]
> What are your thoughts on my problem here?  Broken PSU?  Broken PSU
> causing more damage than just the PSU?  What should my next diagnostic
> steps be?

Instability and random crashing? Sounds like either memory or PSU to me.

Initially I was going to say it sounds like your memory is going wrong, but
if you nolonger get any lights on the motherboard it's almost definatly your
PSU broken.

My old server PSU did this, the server was off one day when I got home from
work, didn't think much to it and just restarted it. It lasted about a week
before being off permanently, and took out the motherboard a bit when it
finally went. (Well, it was never quite right after that.)

Your next step is to try a different PSU, either from a different machine
(within an equivalent or better PSU, don't try powering it with an old P2
ATX PSU you've got lying around. :) ) I ended up buying a cheapo ATX PSU for
this purpose, they're always handy to have round anyway.

This may sound like overkil, but if a PSU goes badly it can take other stuff
with it too.

If it does turn out to be your PSU then buy a decent replacement. Most
components in a modern computer can be bought cheap, but the PSU isn't one
of them. If it doesn't weigh a lot, don't buy it.

Hope that's some use. :)

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