[mythtv-users] mythweb/remote

jansenj jansenj+myth at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 15:42:55 UTC 2008

> Sounds like they want to use a web browser as a remote control.


> >> MythWeb is a seperate package from mythbackend. Can you try installing
> >> just the mythweb portion on the frontend, and see if that is
> >> sufficient.

I could manually go through and do this, but mythbuntu evidently
doesn't want you to install mythweb unless you have a backend
installed as well.  I could see if that would work, but I'd really
rather not use the overhead for cpu and ram of running a web server on
the frontend seeing as it is an appletv and doesn't have much to

> > Are you sure you need multiple installations of MythWeb. Installation
> > on the master backend should be sufficient, and then you access it from
> > any other computer using a web browser.

As far as I can tell you do.

I'm no web programmer, but what I saw in the code indicated that when
you select the frontend only to control it tries to check if it can
control it by attempting to load something via http from the frontend
only.  Since I don't have mythweb running on the frontend, it bails
out and says it can't find the appletv, even though it is clearly
there since it gave me the option to select that frontend to begin

I've verified that the network remote control works with a telnet
session, but the mythweb was the only method I knew of that would let
me use network remote control from a windows box.  Maybe someone has
another suggestion.  VNC isn't really an option while you're watching
a recording, but it does work while moving through menus(which is what
I'm using right now when I need more than 6 buttons).  I suppose
synergy might be another round about option, but that doesn't sound
very clean.

Any other ideas, or confirmations on needing mythweb to running
natively on a frontend if you want to control it via mythweb/remote ?

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