[mythtv-users] sms/email interface

Ian Barton lists at manor-farm.org
Tue Dec 2 12:38:49 UTC 2008

Ian Barton wrote:
>> Christopher X. Candreva wrote:
>>> For those interested in this (specificly the OP MailingListJ ) , is there a 
>>> preference for AOL/AIM or Jabber/Google Talk ?
>> I'm thinking that all three (AOL/AIM, Jabber/Google Talk, and sms) will 
>> all be run from the same parser and the way the message is received will 
>> be different.  I'm more then happy to contribute I just don't know how 
>> and what features to start with.  If people have ides for what commands 
>> to write, how they should be formatted (somewhat).  I would prefer AIM 
>> because it can be interfaced through SMS, if SMS interface can be done 
>> Jabber wise then we mineaswell start there....
> I have written a jabberbot, which works fine with Google. ATM it only 
> lets you request status information (listings for a channel, last n 
> recordings, etc).
> It's written in Python and requires the Myth Python bindings. I'll tidy 
> up the code and put it up on my website in a couple of days.
This is now available from http://www.ian-barton.com/MythTV/MythJabberbot


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