[mythtv-users] OT: Wiring a new construction home for A/V, Ethernet, etc

Mark fairlane at springcom.com
Tue Dec 2 00:03:44 UTC 2008

Jeff Walther wrote:
> To reemphasize the "cable is cheap" mantra.  I used all of two 1000 ft.
> boxes and most of a third of cat5 cable.   That's about $180 in cable--or
> maybe three hours of labor if you were paying someone for installation.  
> How many hours of later installation does an extra 1000 feet of cable now
> save you?
> If you're planning to use wireless ethernet and only cell phones with no
> land lines, then the above equations change.  However having a wired house
> is *nice*.   I never must mess with configuring all the wireless ports for
> proper security, etc.  I don't have bandwidth issues.  Of course, I
> installed my cable before wireless really came on the scene so that may
> just be cognitive dissonance talking. :-)
> Jeff Walther
Cable is cheap.  I have over 6000 ft in my 2900ft house.  Double what 
you think you will need.  Every spot gets a
minimum of 2 lines.  Forget boxes.   Use mud rings.  I like Arlington 
mud rings.  They worked well in my house and you
can use all the wall cavity behind the outlet for wire.

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