[mythtv-users] OT: Wiring a new construction home for A/V, Ethernet, etc

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon Dec 1 22:10:27 UTC 2008

Scott Milliken wrote:
> Yan Seiner wrote:
>> On Mon, December 1, 2008 8:27 am, Matt S. wrote:
>>> Hi!  Sorry for the OT, but I figured that the topic ties into this
>>> community pretty nicely
>>> Any advice, websites, books, etc out there for wiring a home during
>>> construction?  I'll be starting to build my house in the next month or
>>> so from the ground up.  I've pretty much got carte blanche on what I
>>> can do, and I plan to do most of the wiring for cat6, coax, phone,
>>> A/V, speaker, etc myself to gain some sweat equity, and I'm just a DIY
>>> kinda guy - which I'm sure most of you on this list can relate to.
>>> So... Where should I start?  I want to do it "right", and I want to
>>> make sure that I'm futureproofing it as much as I can.  I've got some
>>> general ideas and thoughts, and I'm no stranger to making cables, I've
>>> just never done a full home setup before from the ground up.
>> Don't run cable, run conduit then pull cable.  A 1" conduit can probably
>> hold 3-4 cables comfortably.  Run it all to a central location where your
>> hub/server will be with no more than 2 ells and you're golden.
>> You can always pull cable later as needed.
>> --Yan
> And just as important as putting in the conduit - get plenty of pull 
> string to put into each conduit.  I had a friend put conduit in his 
> house and he forgot to put in string, so the first cable pull ended up 
> having to be forced from one end through to the other.

The easy way to run the first string is to put a ping pong ball on the 
end of the string,and BLOW it through with the back of a vacumn cleaner. 
Then pull more string with the first one.
And always leave a string. Pull one with the last wire if necessary, and 
use that to pull your feeder back.


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