[mythtv-users] No files available to select in MythArchive

Damian damian at gingermagic.co.uk
Mon Dec 1 21:07:01 UTC 2008

 >Damian wrote:
 >> Hello all,
 >> I'm trying to created a DVD of a recording for a friend.
 >> When I go to Optical Disks>Archive Files>Export Video Files>Create DVD>
 >> The first page seems to be fine. I can select the options I want.
 >> However, when I click next, no recordings are available on the 'Select
 >> Archive Items' screen. There are no recordings there at all, it's 
just a
 >> blank section. There's a 'Show Items' section which has a check box
 >> which doesn't seem to toggle and nothing is listed in that area at all.
 >> What am I missing?
 >> Cheers
 >> Damian
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 >It always helps to tell us what version you are using! Asuming it's 0.21
 >fixes or trunk then you add recordings by pressing the 'Add Recording'
 >button. If you're using a third party theme you may need to switch to
 >one of the themes supplied by Myth to see it.
 >Paul H.

Thanks for that. The theme was hiding it all from me (Glass Wide). I can 
now select the files I want to put onto DVD, but as of yet, it fails 
almost instantly every time.

That's obviously a different issue to the one I started the thread about 
though so I'll come back and start a new thread whenever I get time to 
give information about the error message.


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