[mythtv-users] TV signal not acquired

Yann Lehmann aristide at vtxmail.ch
Tue Aug 26 18:55:54 UTC 2008

sac a écrit :
> I am at loss here... anybody on the list having an idea on how to make 
> the cable TV work?

First, check that the pvr-usb2 gets initialized properly (with dmesg). 
If yes, you should be able to find the according device to use in 
mythtv-setup (/dev/videox).

Then add your pvr-usb2 as a capture-card. You will have to configure it 
as a Hauppauge pvr-xx0 device (don't remember the exact option) *, and 
then choose the right /dev/videox video source.

Then you could add one or two channels manually (with their frequencies) 
with the channel editor in mythtv-setup to make sure that your device 
and your cable are working.

* I just added a pvr-usb2 to my backend recently (Mythbuntu 8.04 with 
"stock" MythTV), and I could not choose the right video source when I 
first configured it as a pvr-xx0. I had to configure it as a v4l-card, 
choosing the right /dev/videox source, save it all, and later switch it 
to a pvr-xx0.


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