[mythtv-users] problem after Ubuntu 7.10 -> 8.04 upgrade

Josh White jaw1959 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 18:37:01 UTC 2008

> >> First question: are you using MythTV from the Ubuntu repositories or
> >> compiling from source? If you're using the Ubuntu version then
> upgrading
> >> from Gutsy to Hardy will have upgraded your Myth installation from
> >> 0.20 to
> >> 0.21.
> >>
> >> Have you tried playing with the Playback settings? Try setting it the
> >> profile to Normal or Slim and see if that helps with the display.
> >
> >    You can also start completely from scratch by creating an entirely
> > new profile and playing around with that. I found this to be useful.
> > There were also some other non-profile settings that seemed to impact
> > smoothness of playback (like using video for time base). You might
> > need to do a little tinkering.
> >
> >
> I am not an expert but I think I read that you have to upgrade your
> backend as well.  It sounds from your post that you just  upgraded  your
> frontend.
> Allen

Thanks for all the input.  I do not have the time to describe every detail
of my setup, so I'm sorry if my first attempt has misled people on the
list.  I'll take another stab at it here:

 I have a myth system consisting of a main backend and several frontends.
My setup worked well, and I should have known better than to mess with it,
but I have a general compulsion to update and upgrade software to the
"latest and greatest" whenever possible (I'm probably not alone in that
compulsion).  On all of my machines, regardless of the distro installed, I
run binaries from the package manager, from the appropriate repositories for
each disro.  On my Ubuntu 7.10 systems, I enabled the "Gutsy-Backports"
repository, which incluldes mythtv version .21.

So anyway, I had a .21 backend and 3 .21 frontends all working quite
harmoniously.  The backend, and one frontend were running Ubuntu 7.10, one
is running Ubuntu 8.04, and one is running Debian etch.  Since my one
machine was running well on 8.04, and since the official release had come, I
figured it was safe to update my 7.10 backend and 7.10 frontend.  Without
changing a single myth-specific setting, I went into the update manager, and
clicked on "upgrade distribution to 8.04" or whatever it says.  Half an hour
later, I had my frontend upgraded to 8.04, and an hour after that, I had my
backend upgraded (I did the upgrade on the frontend first to make sure the
upgrade process was still stable...I had previously upgraded my other
frontend from 7.10 to 8.04 without incident when the beta 5 release came
out)  When all was finished, my backend seemed to work fine, and I had no
trouble accessing it as I always had from two of my three frontends.

My "main" frontend" the one that I had just upgraded from 7.10, did not work
so well.  This machine would connect to the backend, and appear to be ready
to work, and could display video (using the Internal player) but could not
display recordings or live tv.  I strongly believe that my problem has
nothing to do with the specific playback settings.  It is not an issue of
changing my deinterlacer, or anything of that nature.  It seems to be a
problem related to the connection via the network, or loading streams, or
something else.  Watching the lights on the switch that connects my main
frontend to the backend, I can see the lights blink like it's trying to load
the video stream, while I see a black screen on my TV.  Then, about 20
seconds (It normally takes 3-5 seconds for live TV to appear on my TV after
I click the button) the blinking on my switch stops, and I'm left with a
blank screen.  I hit escape to go back to the menu, and nothing happens.  At
this point, my choices are hit "CTRL+ALT+Backspace" to restart x (and
mythfrontend.real) or to hit "CTRL+ALT+F1" to go in and kill it manually.
Otherwise, it sits there for displaying a black screen with no other
noticable activity.  I messed with everything I could think of, and
ultimately decided there must have been a problem with the upgrade, so I
reinstalled the packages through synaptic.  Once I was finished with this,
nothing changed.  So I figured there must have been a problem with somethign
else, and decided it would be quickest to just download a fresh copy of
mythbuntu 8.04, and do a fresh install on the frontend.  So I go through all
these steps, and when I was finished, the performance was exactly the same.
I could watch video, but nothing that originated from my tuners.  So, I
decided I needed a quick fix, so I poped in my mythbuntu 7.10 disc,
re-reinstalled, and updated (to get back to the configurarion I had before I
started with any of this) and it worked fine.

Others seem to have similar problmes, so please feel free to offer
suggestions for that reason, but my spefic problem has been solved (or at
least worked around).

Thanks again,

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