[mythtv-users] Does Fast Forward Work for anyone?

lemongecko at gmail.com lemongecko at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 18:01:50 UTC 2008

On 4/21/08, allene222 <nabble at oldpaloalto.com> wrote:
> When FF is set to 3x is goes a little faster maybe, maybe not.  On 5x is
> jerks ahead 1 second every second - not too useful.

This is *exactly* the behavior I saw. And this was with recorded
content coming from my PVR-500, NOT JUST MPEG-4 .avi files. Works fine
on the combined FE/BE, so I don't think it's a seek-table issue. I'll
yank the FE out of the bedroom and try it hardwired tonight. Any
metrics I should try and gather at the same time? Anything in
particular I should look for in the log files that might be of use?

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