[mythtv-users] upgrading problems.... (slave backend didn't like the upgrade)

J jsweepstakes at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 13:14:02 UTC 2008

Hello everybody...
I just upgraded my mythtv setup.  It consists of three boxes All
Frontend/backend combos.  The master backed is fine.  however the two slave
backends do not start correctly and page in and out of the hard drive every
few seconds forever.  Also, when I run a repair on my database it tells me
that it cannot fix some of the subtables in the table.

when start  up slave backend:
R:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend start
[: 55: /home/.../.mythtv/mysql.txt: unexpected operator
 * Starting MythTV server: mythbackend                                   [
OK ]

# Set the following if you want to use something other than the
# machine's real hostname for identifying settings in the database.
# This is useful if your hostname changes often, as otherwise
# you'll need to reconfigure mythtv (or futz with the DB) every time.

# If you want your frontend to be able to wake your MySQL server
# using WakeOnLan, have a look at the following settings:
# Set the time the frontend waits (in seconds) between reconnect tries.
# This should be the rough time your MySQL server needs for startup
# This is the amount of retries to wake the MySQL server until the frontend
# gives up
# This is the command executed to wake your MySQL server.
WOLsqlCommand=echo 'WOLsqlServerCommand not set'

when repair the database:
b:~$ mysqlcheck -r -u -p mythconverg
mythconverg.archiveitems                           OK
mythconverg.callsignnetworkmap                     OK
mythconverg.capturecard                            OK
mythconverg.cardinput                              OK
mythconverg.channel                                OK
mythconverg.codecparams                            OK
mythconverg.credits                                OK
mythconverg.customexample                          OK
mythconverg.diseqc_config                          OK
mythconverg.diseqc_tree                            OK
mythconverg.displayprofilegroups                   OK
mythconverg.displayprofiles                        OK
mythconverg.dtv_multiplex                          OK
mythconverg.dtv_privatetypes                       OK
mythconverg.dvdbookmark                            OK
mythconverg.dvdinput                               OK
mythconverg.dvdtranscode                           OK
mythconverg.eit_cache                              OK
mythconverg.favorites                              OK
mythconverg.filemarkup                             OK
mythconverg.gallerymetadata                        OK
mythconverg.gamemetadata                           OK
mythconverg.gameplayers                            OK
mythconverg.housekeeping                           OK
mythconverg.inputgroup                             OK
mythconverg.inuseprograms                          OK
mythconverg.jobqueue                               OK
mythconverg.jumppoints                             OK
mythconverg.keybindings                            OK
mythconverg.keyword                                OK
mythconverg.movies_movies                          OK
mythconverg.movies_showtimes                       OK
mythconverg.movies_theaters                        OK
mythconverg.music_albumart                         OK
mythconverg.music_albums                           OK
mythconverg.music_artists                          OK
mythconverg.music_directories                      OK
mythconverg.music_genres                           OK
mythconverg.music_playlists                        OK
mythconverg.music_smartplaylist_categories         OK
mythconverg.music_smartplaylist_items              OK
mythconverg.music_smartplaylists                   OK
mythconverg.music_songs                            OK
mythconverg.music_stats                            OK
mythconverg.musicmetadata                          OK
mythconverg.musicplaylist                          OK
mythconverg.mythlog                                OK
mythconverg.mythweb_sessions                       OK
mythconverg.netflix                                OK
mythconverg.networkiconmap                         OK
mythconverg.newssites                              OK
mythconverg.oldfind                                OK
mythconverg.oldprogram                             OK
mythconverg.oldrecorded                            OK
mythconverg.people                                 OK
mythconverg.phonecallhistory                       OK
mythconverg.phonedirectory                         OK
mythconverg.pidcache                               OK
mythconverg.playgroup                              OK
mythconverg.powerpriority                          OK
mythconverg.profilegroups                          OK
mythconverg.program                                OK
mythconverg.programgenres                          OK
mythconverg.programrating                          OK
mythconverg.recgrouppassword                       OK
mythconverg.record                                 OK
mythconverg.record_tmp                             OK
mythconverg.recorded                               OK
mythconverg.recordedcredits                        OK
mythconverg.recordedfile                           OK
mythconverg.recordedmarkup                         OK
mythconverg.recordedprogram                        OK
mythconverg.recordedrating                         OK
mythconverg.recordedseek                           OK
mythconverg.recordingprofiles                      OK
mythconverg.recordmatch                            OK
mythconverg.romdb                                  OK
mythconverg.schemalock                             OK
mythconverg.settings                               OK
mythconverg.storagegroup                           OK
mythconverg.streams                                OK
mythconverg.tvchain                                OK
mythconverg.upnpmedia                              OK
mythconverg.videocast                              OK
mythconverg.videocategory                          OK
mythconverg.videocountry                           OK
mythconverg.videogenre                             OK
mythconverg.videometadata                          OK
mythconverg.videometadatacast                      OK
mythconverg.videometadatacountry                   OK
mythconverg.videometadatagenre                     OK
mythconverg.videosource                            OK
mythconverg.videotypes                             OK
note     : The storage engine for the table doesn't support repair
note     : The storage engine for the table doesn't support repair
note     : The storage engine for the table doesn't support repair
mythconverg.websites                               OK

any help would be appriciated!
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