[mythtv-users] Program guide freezes after 2 moves

Ismo Tanskanen ismot at telemail.fi
Sat Apr 19 14:57:53 UTC 2008

--- Brian Wood <beww> wrote:

>  On Apr 18, 2008, at 8:17 PM, Steve Wilson wrote:
>  >>
>  >
>  > I noticed on my systems only a few channels had
>  the
>  > guide problem and these were HD tv. I ended up
>  > switching the HD TV to XvMc and now the guide
>  works
>  > without delay.
>  So you had a delay problem? If it was only when
>  playing HD then it's 
>  probably a system load problem.
>  My problem is the whole frontend locks up, haven't
>  found a way shot of 
>  restarting the F/E to get out of it.
>  It started working OK for a bit, right after a
>  restart, now it's bad 
>  again. I'll look into it more on the weekend,
>  anything so reproducible 
>  should be trackable somehow. Haven't seen anything
>  helpful in the logs 
>  though.
>  BTW the guide works fine when not playing live TV.
>  beww
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Yes, I had the delay as well. Two moves on the guide
and then the frontend would freeze up due to the
guide. I'd hit escape and anywhere from 1-5 minutes
the frontend would come back to livetv on the full
screen. It was only on a few HD channels so I switched
to XvMC and the guide problems disappeared. I have two
tunes one being a PVR150 and the guide was never a
problem with the 150.

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I had this problem too, except it was not just two moves, sometimes it 
worked longer.
I find out that it was caused by Bob deinterlacer. I switched to Greedy 
2x and guide works now perfectly


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