[mythtv-users] Embedded MythTV

Andreas Bach Aaen usenet at bachaaen.dk
Tue Apr 8 20:42:07 UTC 2008

Tirsdag den 8. April 2008 skrev migmog:
> > >> > I have a mythtv backend running on a Linkstation PRO LS-500.
> This is really interesting. I looked at getting myth backend going
> on my Maxtor Shared Storage, but concluded that MySql and
> mythbackend used too much memory. Is 128MB enough to do this
> without swapping?

Maybe, at least I don't had performance problems.

> Is it a cool hack, or is it really useable?

Besides a configuration problem I have with mythtv right now, it is 
really usable. I can watch a recording on my frontend, where the 
stream is delivered through nfs and have mythtv recording a show at 
the same time. 

On another box I have Asterisk installed. I might try to install them 
both on the same box to save power.

> What  about mythweb? Have you tried that?

Not yet. I haven't compiled all whats needed for this. The armel 
architecture is quite new, so you can't find all Debian packages in 
there yet.

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