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Andreas Bach Aaen usenet at bachaaen.dk
Tue Apr 8 20:11:21 UTC 2008

Tirsdag den 8. April 2008 skrev Yan Seiner:
> Andreas Bach Aaen
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> Getting better....  Have you measured the speed of the USB ports? 
> Do they really run at USB 2.0 speeds? 
They definately should be real USB 2.0.

> In other words, could I hook 
> up external USB drives to this machine and have it work as a SAN?

Sure. External USB harddrives is as far as I know supported out of the 
box. However I didn't use the original firmware for many seconds.

The box is capable of recording (at least) two non-HD tv shows on the 
same MUX from the DVB-T stick. This should be arround 9 Mbit/s.

I picked this setup because I then can have a totally noisefree 
frontend and then place the noisy backend with the harddrive in 
another room.

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